Franz Ehn

Home is where the heart isViennaInstallation with Stephanie Kneissl

Home Is Where the Heart Is is about the intimacy of collaborative creation processes, about giving each other space and about how much empathy and consideration they need for good things to develop.
In a collaborative model city scenario, the needs, ideals and visions of life of the participants are revealed, which need to merge to form a consensus.

Airport, Animal shelter, Brothel, Carpentry workshop, Club, Co-working space, Dance studio, Escape room, Farm, Fitness center, Flea market, Ghost kitchen, Hardware store, Hospice, Ice cream shop, Investment property, Kebab stand, Monument, Pawnshop, Parking lot, Prison, Psychiatric hospital, Queer bar, Repair workshop, Retirement home, Sex shop, Shopping mall, Single-family house, Ski lift, Social housing, Theater, University, Xylophone shop, Yoga studio, Zoo
Date(ding) @ Design in Gesellschaft